Welcome to Volunteer Work Abrod © Magindanau Conservation 2010 The experience to travel and work abroad, will be an enriching basis for the rest of your life. Even though most are not very well known, there ARE already a lot of organisations that offer such programs. Most of these organisations are extremely specialised, perhaps even offering ONE type of program only. We will make it OUR job, to find out “who is who” and “who offers what” to come back to you with a FULL OVERVIEW of what is available in the world. Work Abroad Volunteer Programs Dedicate your time to others and change their lives. The world is a big place. Not everywhere, people can bring around the required changes on their own. You can make a difference Travelling and ganing experience about the endenger species and learn about Asian Culture. Travel and work abroad now!  . Discover new volunteer travel exciting opportunities here Education Eco Volunteer  Volunteer Work Abroad  Broaden your knowledge while experiencing life in another country Find the best training programs abroad! Get involve in eco friendly travels and learn about how you can make a real difference to the environment with  tourist volunteer. volunteer and paid volunteer work Know great reasons the  next contribution to the society. MAGINDANAU CONSERVATION